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Premium Hemp Protein Powder

Premium Hemp Protein Powder

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If you’re making a conscious effort to look after your health and well-being and get yourself in better physical shape, you’ve probably been tempted by the countless health supplements currently on the market. The supplement industry is currently thriving, and the simple reason for that is that they really do work. We’re not trying to pull the wool over anybody’s eyes here, as we know that supplements alone will not provide any real benefits at all. In order to get the most out of your supplements of choice, you need to utilize them in conjunction with a smart training plan, and a healthy diet and lifestyle. If you do all of the above, supplements will indeed help give you that boost and take your health and fitness to the next level. For building muscle and recovering after strenuous workouts, a protein supplement is very strongly recommended. If you can’t consume animal-derived supplements however, what can you consume instead? Well, more and more people are using out hemp protein supplements as their number one plant-based source of protein, so let’s learn more about it below.

What is hemp protein?

Hemp protein is a plant-based source of protein which is derived from the hemp seed. Yes, that hemp seed, but don’t worry, there’s no psychoactive effects associated with this supplement, as there is no THC to be found. It is a complete source of plant-based protein as it contains all 20 essential and non-essential amino acids needed by the body in order for it to stay fit and healthy. Not only is hemp protein a complete protein source, it also contains incredibly healthy omega 3 fatty acids, as well as minerals, vitamins, and a number of other nutrients as well. It’s hypoallergenic, and as mentioned, as it is plant-based, it’s great for people with food allergies and intolerances, and for people that cannot consume protein derived from animals. Hemp seeds consist of 10% carbohydrates, 45% proteins, and 45% oil. Our hemp protein supplements are designed to be convenient, delicious, and incredibly healthy, helping to provide you with a plant-based protein in order to meet your daily macro requirements for protein.

How does hemp protein work?

Bodybuilders and physically active individuals have far greater dietary protein requirements than everyday folk, because they’re more physically active, and because their muscles are under so much pressure. When people exercise, they aren’t building muscle like some people commonly think. What they are actually doing is the exact opposite. As bizarre as this may sound, when people lift weights, what they are actually doing is breaking down existing muscle tissue and damaging it. Once the muscle tissue has been broken down, the body needs to repair it. This is how muscle is built. You see, the body repairs the broken-down muscle tissue, but when it does so, it rebuilds it so that the muscle tissue is even bigger and stronger than it was before. It does this to try to protect the muscle from further damage. If you’re familiar with the story of the three little pigs and the wolf, you’ll know that the same principle applies to your body rebuilding damaged muscle tissue. This process is known as protein synthesis. In order for this process to take place however, the body needs protein and the amino acids which make up the protein molecules, otherwise it has no materials to repair and rebuild the muscles. For those of you that cannot consume animal-based protein supplements, hemp protein is the perfect alternative.

What are the benefits of using hemp protein supplements?

Some of the most common benefits associated with hemp protein supplementation include:

Complete protein source

There are around 20 amino acids that the body needs to perform at its best on a daily basis. Some of these amino acids it can synthesize itself, whereas others have to come from dietary sources. The amino acids it can produce itself are known as non-essential amino acids, whereas the ones it can’t produce naturally are known as essential amino acids. Hemp protein contains all 20 essential and non-essential amino acids, which is why it is known as a complete protein source. These amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and therefore of muscle tissue, so the more you have, the more you will benefit. They also play important roles in numerous other physiological processes as well.

Plant-based protein

Whether you are vegan, or if you simply suffer from food allergies and intolerances, hemp protein is the perfect solution for those of you looking for a source of plant-based protein. As it is plant-based, you can consume it without having to worry about the ethical issues, or indeed, without having to worry about suffering from digestive issues either. If you want a nutrient-rich source of plant-based protein, hemp protein is ideal.


If you do suffer from food allergies or digestive issues, hemp protein is perfect as it is hypoallergenic, which means that it will not cause you any distress, discomfort, allergic reactions, or digestive issues when you consume it.

Promotes cardiovascular health

There aren’t many protein supplements that can boast the fact that they directly promote cardiovascular health, but hemp protein supplements are one of them. Hemp seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been proven to be extremely beneficial for the heart and cardiovascular system. The healthy fats in hemp protein powders help to reduce harmful LDL cholesterol, improve blood triglyceride levels, boost healthy HDL cholesterol, and prevent coronary heart disease.

Strengthens the immune system

Not only can hemp protein assist with muscle growth and repair, it can also help to keep you fit and healthy in general. To begin with it is rich in minerals, healthy fats, and vitamins that boost immunity no end. But on top of that, it contains plant proteins including: albumin and edestin. These globular plant-proteins play critical roles in a number of enzymatic processes within the body, particularly within blood plasma, which in turn helps to strengthen the immune system, helping to keep you fit and healthy.