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All Natural Premium Vegan Protein Blend

All Natural Premium Vegan Protein Blend

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Being a bodybuilder, it is expected that you consume vast quantities of eggs each day, that you eat the equivalent of approximately one cow every two days, and that you eat more chicken each week than a family of 10. Okay, we perhaps got slightly carried away there, but bodybuilders are generally seen as being hungry, carnivorous beasts that consume vast quantities of protein every single day. Protein is vital when it comes to muscle growth and repair, so it of course makes sense to follow a high protein diet if you’re looking to build muscle. We know that typical examples of high protein foods are derived from animals, but what do you do if you can’t consume animal products. Vegans for example, cannot consume meat, dairy, eggs, or anything else which comes from living creatures. This makes it challenging for vegans to consume enough protein on a daily basis. Challenging, yes, but not impossible. That’s why we developed our innovative new vegan blend protein.

What is vegan blend protein?

Vegan blend protein is our innovative new protein supplement, designed exclusively with vegans in mind. This protein supplement powder contains a variety of natural plant-based proteins, all combined together to provide the ultimate high protein supplement that is perfect for those of you who follow a vegan lifestyle. Made with a blend of plant-based proteins including: Pea protein, hemp protein, and brown rice protein, this may very well be the best vegan protein supplement on the market. This product is ideal for those of you looking to build muscle, maintain optimal health and well-being, and look great, all while following a vegan lifestyle and diet. As it is made from a blend of plant-based proteins, this supplement provides an extremely impressive amino acid profile, providing a complete essential and non-essential amino acid profile to help kick your body into anabolic overdrive and help you meet your daily macro requirements for protein intakes. Our vegan blend is ideal as it can be used on the go and can be utilized in seconds. Simply add to water, or your beverage of choice, stir, shake, or blend, and enjoy the massive protein, amino acid, vitamin, mineral, and nutrient hit that you receive.

How does it work?

Our vegan blend protein works like any other protein blend supplement out there. As you know, protein is essential for muscle growth, function, repair, and maintenance. Without enough protein, you’re unable to build sufficient amounts of muscle and your body will struggle to repair itself after a strenuous training session. Protein is also essential for the health of our cells. We are basically just giant walking clusters of cells, so the importance of looking after your cells should be fairly apparent. When we lift weights and train hard in the gym, we cause microscopic rips and tears in our muscle fibres. We build muscle when we rest, as the body utilizes proteins, amino acids, and other nutrients for a process known as protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is a natural process whereby the body creates brand new muscle proteins that can be used to strengthen damaged muscle fibres and replace those that were destroyed when training. The more protein you consume, the more muscle you will be able to build naturally, and the quicker you will recover after a physically demanding training session.

What are the main advantages of using vegan blend protein?

There are plenty of reasons to use our vegan blend protein. Want some examples? No problem, just take a look below:

Stronger immunity

When people hear the word ‘protein’ they automatically think of muscle growth and bodybuilding benefits. We’ll get to those in a few moments, but for now, we need to talk to you about strengthening the immune system. You see, because the plant-based protein sources in our vegan blend are packed full of so many nutrients, this protein supplement actually helps to strengthen the immune system. Hemp protein for example, contains globular proteins such as albumin and edestin. This is important to know because antibodies, enzymes, and hormones are all created via globular proteins, so the more you consume, the stronger the immune system becomes. The proteins are also packed full of vitamins and minerals, which help to strengthen the immune system.

Muscle growth

Obviously, the prime benefit associated with our high protein vegan blend is the fact that it has been found to help promote muscle growth and repair. Protein, as we looked at above, plays an integral role in protein synthesis, so ensuring that you consume plenty of protein each day is absolutely vital.


The unique selling point of this particular item is that it is vegan-friendly. Vegan diets do not permit the consumption of animal-based proteins, so protein sources are therefore limited. This can make it much tougher for an individual to meet their daily protein macro requirements when following a vegan diet. Our vegan blend protein supplement however, is designed to provide an instant hit of protein, giving users a large serving of vegan-friendly protein, which in turn will make it much easier for them to meet their daily macro requirements for protein.


The great thing about a protein supplement is the fact that it is so convenient. Simply take a scoop or two, add to water, or your liquid of choice, shake/mix/stir/blend, and enjoy there and then. There’s no prepping of food required, no washing up, and no stress or hassle. Simply add to liquid, give a quick mix, and enjoy.

Impressive amino acid profile

Amino acids are described as being the building blocks of protein, making them the building blocks of muscle tissue. Our vegan blend provides a complete amino acid profile, which means it provides all essential and non-essential amino acids required by the body. This in itself is an impressive feat that not too many protein supplements out there can boast of.